Asset Information Management System (AIMS®)

AIMS® is a proprietary Industrial Asset Register Information System Tool developed by Hofincons_IRCA, used to prepare PM (Plant Maintenance) data. AIMS® is a web based software application that can be used to build a complete industrial Asset Register with appropriate asset hierarchy (parent-child relationship), technical characteristics and BOMs as per standard technical values guidelines and standardisation.

AIMS® is supported by EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) procedures, a wide variety of asset reference technical data, industry standards and technical value presentation guidelines to systematically and quickly populate the technical characteristics for any asset. The application also provisions for monitoring & reviewing the asset data being prepared.

AIMS® provides a centralised asset register database with BOM and Maintenance Planning data to generate suitable bulk upload data templates for effective implementation of any ERP/CMMS. AIMS® is capable of porting asset data to any CMMS/ERP by using various data transfer mechanisms. AIMS® can also be used for Asset Duplication resolution and building asset data KPI's.

Modules in AIMS®:

  • Asset Register Builder,
  • Bill of Materials (BOMs) development,
  • Maintenance / Job Plan data preparation
  • Maintenance Craft Procedures (MCP) / Work Instruction,
  • CMMS templates generation,
  • Administration.