About the IEC 61508 for Safety Critical Systems - An Intensive One Day Workshop

The drive for increased safety and a competitive market place has led to the production of IEC 61508, a new standard for providing functional safety using electronic systems. It formalises a risk-based approach to establishing target SIL (safety integrity levels) for instrumented protection systems and assessing if systems meet these targets.

Course Instructor - David J. Smith PhD, CEng, FIEE, FIQA, HonFSaRS, MIGasE

Learning Outcomes

This workshop provides a one-day insight into the process backed-up with practical process example. Participants will be encouraged to consider how IEC 61508 applies to their own field, products, services and business.

  • What IEC 61508 addresses and why
  • The impact and implications of IEC 61508
  • How functional safety is addressed by IEC 61508
  • Managing safety using IEC 61508
  • IEC 61508 in practice (syndicate exercise)
  • Future directions

Each session will provide opportunities for discussion of key points in order to reinforce and enhance participants’ learning.

IEC 61508 is already having a wide impact in process industries. Regulators consider IEC 61508 as best practice for safety-related electronics while companies and government agencies are starting to specify IEC 61508 compliance for equipment procurement. Suppliers are beginning to realise that IEC 61508 compliance will provide their products with a competitive edge.

M2K have practical experience of applying the IEC 61508 standard, and can provide services ranging from provision of initial advice, through setting up the framework of the methodology, to the management of the complete IEC 61508 process. Used effectively, IEC 61508 can result in the reduction of protection system complexity, without adding significantly to design time schedule and budgets.

M2K also offer the Certificate in Reliability and Functional Safety. The certificate is aimed at those requiring an in-depth knowledge of the subject, such that they may become lead practitioners within an organization or embark on consultancy in the field.

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