About the Lean Manager Training Program 

The Lean Manager training program is a cornerstone for the development of managers at all levels in building and sustaining a Continuous Improvement (CI) culture in your facility.

The program has been built on the philosophy of ‘learn by doing’ and creates awareness through self-study, knowledge through classroom instruction and simulations and skill through structured fieldwork and on the job coaching. The program is modular and tailored to your facility business needs. It takes place over a period of 3-6 months with the objective of enabling managers to create a sustainable CI culture in their area of accountability.

The fundamental aims are to provide managers at all levels with emergent skill to build and support a CI culture. Its focus is the application of management tools; approaches and role, including the application of fundamental Lean tools.

In addition to ‘hard’ benefits, previous leaders who have attended the program report:

  • Less time ‘firefighting’ and more time on work that matters,
  • Shorter meetings with clear purpose and outcomes,
  • Seeing waste that was ‘invisible’ to them before,
  • Front-line staff and supervisors having more impact.


  • Develop CI mindset and skills to improve business performance and customer focus,
  • Identify improvement initiatives and facilitate the improvement process,
  • Ingrain CI Ways of Working,
  • Develop and empower staff to solve problems to improve end-to-end performance.

Course Instructor - Kenneth Lees BSc, MSc

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