Asset Data Management Services

M2K offers the following Asset Data Management Services:

  • Asset Register Build
  • Asset Data Cleansing & Restructuring
  • As-Built Asset Verification
  • SCE (Safety Critical Equipment) Identification
  • EX Equipment Register Build
  • BOMs (Bills of Materials) Preparation

Asset Register Build

The asset register is a record of the equipment hierarchy and the assets that are in the facility.  Each asset is listed with details of its make, model, size, capacity, serial no. and vendor details.  A clean and complete Asset Register is the fundamental building block for planning and organizing maintenance activities in process industries with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) / CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) and for ensuring Asset Integrity.  M2K provides Hierarchy build, Asset / Equipment Register build and preparing the technical information (Class Characteristics) for equipment.  M2K uses the AIMS® tool for building clean validated data and easy seamless data uploads to any CMMS (SAP, Maximo, Oracle & JD Edwards).

Asset Data Cleansing & Restructuring

M2K provides asset data cleansing & restructuring services for any CMMS system (SAP, Maximo, Oracle & JD Edwards), from hierarchy restructuring to equipment data modifications & changes in CMMS system. M2K can also conduct field verification and field data gathering.

As-Built Asset Verification

M2K has specialised experience developing ‘As-Builds’ through field physical verification. The data will be verified at field and will reflect the ‘As-Built’ status in the CMMS system and ‘As-Built’ drawings updates.

Safety Critical Equipment (SCE) Identification

M2K have in-depth knowledge for the identification and implementation of SCEs & Performance Standards with their assurance measures & tasks.

EX (Explosion Proof) Equipment Register Build

M2K can provide EX equipment register build for new assets and the verification of existing register along with EX Inspection & Certification.

Bill of Materials (BOMs) Preparation

M2K can convert spares data from Vendors and Suppliers to BOMs and attach these to Equipment Tags. The spares interchangeability and criticalities are reviewed and the BOM / Spares / Material parameters set accordingly.

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