Asset Management Software

M2K offers a comprehensive set of IT tools for Industrial Asset Integrity and Maintenance Management requirements that are technology driven through innovative cutting-edge latest IT technology, high quality, secure and cost-effective solutions. These IT tools adhere to industry best practices, ISO security & industry CMMI standards and work seamlessly with popular EAM / CMMS solutions and certified for integration:

AIMS® - Asset Information Management System

The Asset Register is the fundamental building block for planning maintenance activities in process industries with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) / CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System). A clean and complete Asset Register with data ensures asset Integrity. M2K provides Hierarchy build, Asset / Equipment Register build and preparing the technical information (Class Characteristics) for equipment.  M2K uses the AIMS® tool for building clean validated data and easy seamless data uploads to any CMMS (SAP, Maximo, Oracle & JD Edwards).

Smart Read of Drawings / SPIR Sheets

AIMS® has in-built routines to read OCR enabled PEFS (Process Engineering Flow Schemes), P&IDs (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams) and standard SPIR (Spare Parts Interchangeability Records) for Asset and Spares direct-read seamlessly into AIMS®.

MCAMS® - Material Cataloguing Management System

M2K can codifying and format each MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) spare item as per international standards such as ECCMA, ISO 9008 with the help of a specialised proprietary tool MCAMS®. This software package develops complete buying descriptions for each MRO spare.

TIMS® - Technical Integrity Management System

The Technical Integrity of Assets can be managed by assessing Safety Critical Element (SCE) maintenance Work Orders execution and performance. This can be monitored by TIMS® through an integrated seamless interface to client ERP/ CMMS system.

SOUNDWARE - Artificial Intelligence-based Predictive Maintenance

Operators can usually tell if a machine doesn't sound right. But they are not always around and have other responsibilities to attend to. Our Acoustic Monitoring Software provides early warnings of machine failures by analysing sound and uses artificial intelligence technology to learn when equipment  is going outwith specification, and then warns of impending failure, in real-time.