About the Root Cause Analysis Training Course

It is often a common practice, either due to lack of time, lack of adequate information or knowledge (or both) that equipment and system failures are often investigated at a superficial level. As a result maintainers and operators keep running unreliable plant, causing repeated losses and become experts at fixing rather than preventing the problems.

RCA is a structured, team based, analytical approach that when used correctly can alleviate chronic failure problems in a facility. In this 3-day training course, you will learn to apply several practical, systematic methods for analysing performance problems to uncover root causes. Your understanding of these tools will be reinforced by worked examples. In addition, you will explore effective ways of gathering data for root cause analyses, how to determine which problems should be analysed, and how to design, develop, and implement a root cause analysis program for your company.

The effective use of RCA will improve the reliability of equipment and overall plant availability and this seminar will show you exactly how.

Course Instructor - Vee Narayan BMech, DipEE, DIM

Course Outline


Introduction and Objectives

Why root causes are important

Workshop - Exploring the need for further analysis of problems

Session Two: Identifying/Defining Problems

The need for data

Collecting data for problem solving

Session Three: Identifying/Defining Problems (cont.)

Workshop - Identifying problems for analysis

Video and discussion - "Spiral To Disaster"

Session Four: Analysing Data for Root Cause

Identifying contributing events (brainstorming)

Event charting


Session One - Analysing Data for Root Cause (cont.)

Fault Tree Analysis

Performing change analysis

Workshop - Creating causal factor charts

Session Two - Identifying Root Causes

Pareto Analysis and Ishikawa (fishbone) diagrams

The 5 Whys technique

Workshop - applying the 5 Whys technique

Session Three - Facilitation

Human error

RCA software

Video and discussion - "The Unflyable Plane"


Session One - Root Cause Analysis Programs

Guidelines on conducting individual analyses

Resolving recommendations

Trending analysis results (plotting a timeline)

Session Two: Creating a Root Cause Analysis Program

Integrating root cause analysis with other programs

Workshop - Creating a root cause analysis program

Session Three: Wash up

Course Summary/Question & Answer Session/Distribution of Material

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