This course has transformed me inside out on the way I believed and think about maintenance!  It is an essential and comprehensive guideline for people involved in industry.

The Asset / Equipment Register Build you undertook last year has been attributed a value of over 100 times the actual cost. Our Business Unit has also asked if you would be available to assist them further this year. I am sure you will be pleased to know your expertise is so highly valued.

We didn’t realise how significantly we were overstocking until we applied the techniques learnt on your course.

 The best and most thoughtful Reliability Training I have ever attended.

I would like to formally recognise and thank you for your work throughout last year towards increasing production through the facilities. As has been clearly demonstrated, a focused effort of this type can yield measurable improvements in equipment reliability, planned maintenance and most importantly production availability. Over the first half of this year, these assets have achieved an average availability of over 95%, contributing significantly towards increasing revenues.

Well organized and interactive experience.

Thank you for the promptness and quality of analysis provided to the project. As you know this work was particularly high priority and despite the severe time constraint, I believe the standard of the results delivered could not have been obtained elsewhere. Since the potential benefit of this work is the elimination of a redundant compression train, the work has added significantly to the project economics.

Congratulations on the success of the maintenance strategy training you provided in May this year. The delegates response forms were very positive and the training was found to be informative and well delivered. Your wealth of experience in the field was particularly appreciated and commented on.

Further details available on request.