About the RCM (4-Day) & RCM Facilitation (8-Day) Training Courses

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is a proven opportunity to capitalise on cost effective strategies for maintenance and achieve sharper maintenance policies, slimmer budgets, increased availability and a more motivated workforce. To ensure companies realise optimum maintenance they need to adopt strategies that maximise availability and safety and minimise operating cost. These strategies can be delivered using RCM and this seminar will show you exactly how.

RCM teams work under the guidance of highly trained specialists in RCM, known as facilitators. Of all the factors that determine the success of any RCM program, the skill of the facilitator is the most important. RCM must be performed and implemented by an organisation itself. This training seminar will develop the expertise required to enable appropriate analyses to be carried out in-house ensuring competence development and reduced overall cost. The syllabus also includes a thorough grounding in the application of RCM, managing an RCM study, running effective meetings, time management and successful implementation of RCM including management presentation and setting up a living program. In this way, empowered teams remain empowered, ownership is retained and enhanced and companies begin to win the asset management battle.

This practical training course will show you that it is easy to understand and explains how to use data from operating and maintenance records and get the results.

Course Instructors - Vee Narayan BMech, DipEE, DIM and Kenneth Lees BSc, MSc

Course Outline



Objectives of Seminar

Overview of RCM

Maintenance in context (includes video presentation)

Facilitator team workshop (Hands)

RCM Fundamentals; the team, the process (includes delegate exercise)

Who should do RCM


Project Initiation

Selecting systems for RCM analysis; the decision process & risk

Critical success factors

Basic Reliability

Putting the Reliability into RCM (includes video presentation)

Understanding reliability (includes delegate exercise)

Where to find reliability information in your organisation

Facilitator team workshop (Rolling)

Reliability & Maintainability

Incipiency and the "P-F interval"

How to use reliability information for maintenance

Maintainability (includes video presentation)

RCM methodologies & commercial software


Functions and Functional Failures

The "General Failed State" model

The "Current Operating Context"

How to identify and document Functions and Functional Failures

Failures and Failure Modes

Hidden and evident failures (includes delegate exercise)

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, FMEA and FMECA

Facilitator team workshop (Sharks)

Causes of failure

Failure Consequences (includes delegate exercise)


Application of RCM technique (Case Study 1, FMEA, FCA)

Maintenance strategy alternatives

"Applicable and Effective" maintenance tasks

Facilitator team workshop (Goats)

RCM strategy selection logic

Running Effective Meetings + Video

Case Study 1 Maintenance Strategy Selection


Completion of Case Study 1

Learning points and close out CS1

Software for RCM

RCM Facilitation

The role of the facilitator

Running the RCM analysis (includes video presentation)

Introduction to Case Study 2- Complete RCM analysis with data gathering


More facilitation skills

Pilot study data collection kick-off

Complete Case Study 2

Learning points and close out CS2

REM (Review Existing Maintenance)

Introduction Case Study 3 - Management of RCM

Introduction, distribution of material and familiarisation


Complete Case Study 3

Identification and discussion of key points

Learning points and close out CS3

Selection of Pilot Study

Selection of Pilot Study


Application of RCM

The "RCM Triangle" (reducing human error in maintenance)

Practical implementation RCM & Industry Experience

Summary of critical success factors

Introduction to RCM Structure Methods (awareness overview)

Review of Training Objectives

Distribution of reference material and questions

Pilot Study work plan

Project Support

After completion of the training, we strongly recommend that M2K retain one RCM specialist on site for an additional period of one week to assist the newly trained facilitators select and begin working on a project. We do not undertake the analyses but will provide expertise and support to enable appropriate analyses to be carried out in-house ensuring competence development and reduced overall cost.

M2K have internationally recognised expertise in development and successful implementation of RCM methods tailored to a number of industrial sectors. They have also been consulted by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and British Standards Institute (BSI) on RCM, maintenance improvement, reliability and availability modelling.

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