About the TAR Training Course

Planned shutdowns are an accepted feature of large process and production plants but, if poorly managed, can significantly affect overall plant availability and business profitability. There is a wide gap in performance between the average performer and the best. However there are approaches, tools and techniques readily available to be deployed; and they have been shown to be successful.


It will provide participants with the necessary philosophies, approach, framework, tools and techniques to enable them to participate effectively in managing the total shutdown business process at a world-class level. In particular the emphasis will be put on identifying and placing the key decisions in a business rather than an engineering or production perspective.

Key Learning Points

At the end of the course participants will be able to explain how to:

• Identify actions which will help to delay or avoid a shutdown,
• Justify the reasons for a shutdown in business terms (increased availability, efficiency and/or integrity) and establish shutdown objectives and targets,
• Communicate shutdown goals through the organisation, gain alignment and drive the shutdown process effectively,
• Vet, challenge and freeze shutdown work scopes to produce minimum work volume work packages,
• Benchmark their own companies against top performers; identify recipes for success, performance shortfalls and the reasons for them,
• Set a framework to create the shutdown business process in terms of people and their responsibilities activities and identification of key events,
• Create an integrated plan for minimum duration,
• Create an effective contracting strategy,
• Gather performance data to drive an improvement process.


The course duration is normally three days depending on initial knowledge of the participants and specific requirements.

Course Instructor - Vee Narayan BMech, DipEE, DIM

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