About the Basic Equipment Care Workshop

This hands-on, four-day course explains and demonstrates, through actual on-site practice sessions, the concepts of TPM/TPR; how to function as a team, how to conduct cleaning and inspecting activities, how to measure equipment effectiveness, how to write standards, and much more. The training enables team members to begin the process of identifying and resolving equipment-related issues on their equipment.

Course Instructors - Vee Narayan BMech, DipEE, DIM and Kenneth Lees BSc, MSc

Learning Outcomes

The workshop consists of a cross-functional team whose goal is to improve the reliability of a specific piece of equipment. This is done by identifying and repairing defects, as well as designing and implementing improvements and countermeasures. In addition to reliability improvements, the workshop facilitates a “team-based” culture and strengthening operator ownership.

Often just by having all of the equipment Operators, Engineers and Maintenance personnel working together in a team environment, defects that cause unscheduled breakdowns or minor stoppages are identified and repaired.  By eliminating possible causes for unscheduled breakdowns and minor stoppages there are potentially large savings through improved equipment uptime, production output, product quality and standardization of both operations and maintenance tasks.

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