FARADIP (FAilure RAte Data In Perspective)

FARADIP is one of the largest failure rate and failure mode data banks in the reliability profession, based on over 40 published data sources together with M2K's own reliability data collection.   FARADIP has been available for 25 years and is now widely used as a data reference.   It provides failure rate data ranges for a nested hierarchy of items covering electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic, instrumentation and protective devices.   Failure mode percentages are also provided.

o Nested menus of failure rates and failure modes from over 40 diverse data sources including military, telecommunications, offshore operations, process and aerospace industries.

o Ranges of failure rates spanned by the majority of published sources and an indication of the most common values.

o FMEA's for two system failure modes together with parts count and MTBF calculations.

o An invaluable aid to assessing the effectiveness of protection levels in a LOPA study.

o Full editing facilities for global files and component entries.

Equipment Included:

o Microelectronics (logic, linear & memory).

o Discrete semiconductors, tubes, lamps.

o Passive electrical components.

o Instruments and analysers.

o Connectors, switches, PCBs, cables.

o Electromechanical and rotating machinery.

o Power supplies, sources and transformers.

o Mechanical items (incl. pumps and valves).

o Pneumatic and hydraulic equipment.

o Computers, DP and Comms.

o Alarms, fire protection, arrestors, fuses.

Users include British Rail, British Gas, SINTEF (Norway), Siemens, Veritec, BP, UK MOD, GEC, BNFL, NEI, Gaz de France and companies in the Oil and Gas industry.

Current Price Structure (2019): Single-user, GBP499; Multi-User, POA.